We specialize in the development of tailored customer specific solutions for medical components. Our experience and expertise in this area allows us to utilize solutions that are fully compliant with GMP / FDA processes. This then guarantees a qualitative approach that also incorporates a cost optimized batch approach to production.


This development competency estab­lishes the basis for cost opti­mized manu­facturing systems for pro­cessing of medical com­po­nents and pro­ducts such as stents, cathe­ters and ortho­paedic im­plants. Coating sys­tems for ortho­paedic com­po­nents as well as fully auto­mated packaging lines form a key part of our offer­ings. Our ser­vice port­folio also includes special solu­tions for clean room systems.

IMSTec's core competencies are the development and delivery of controlled processes for fast & secure handling of components. In addition we specialise in the application of coating layers (below 5 micron coating dependant) from micro sized parts to human implantable products.

Quality controls based on contactless metrology and inspection technologies are applied prior to final packaging of the parts, ensuring quality through veri­fica­tion of the finished part. Appli­cation of inter­disci­plinary techno­logies enables us to deve­lop and im­ple­ment the machine as well as complete line control IT systems. Our engi­neering know-how creates custo­mized solu­tions for all of our customer's demand.

IMSTec develops and im­ple­ments va­lidated and seam­les­sly op­ti­mized auto­mated manu­fac­turing lines for the me­dical in­dustry - these so­lu­tions are based on guide­lines as de­fined by EMA or FDA and GxP, customer's quality de­mands are met and in­cor­po­rated into the so­lution.

Our medical pro­ject re­ferences com­prise:

- drug coa­ting of stents and sub­strate
- extrusion of polymer-drug
- applicator assembly
- blister inspection
- tablet filling - including our newly
  developed patient specific
  packaging solution.