Core industries of IMSTec - Customer specific and fully automated

We use our expertise to develop customized high-tech solutions based on the requirements you place on us. Our modular production systems can be perfectly adapted to growing customer and production situations like a construction kit. Get to know our tailor-made solutions.

Life Science

The latest technologies for the medical and pharmaceutical industries

Our project teams have many years of experience in the high demands placed on products in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries. 
Our two production plants offer an ideal environment: in-house development laboratories and clean rooms up to ISO class 6.


Pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals

Transforming innovative science into future-proof production - together with our customers, we drive pioneering technologies forward. We develop the production environment for our customers in various treatment areas with a particular focus on biochemical processes.

Precision engineering

High-precision manufacturing technologies

We focus on core technologies such as piezo, electronics, hexapods and sensor technologies. With many years of experience, we can implement fully automated processes in the micrometer to nanometer range reliably and efficiently.

Semiconductor technology

Pioneering laser and photonics technologies

From chip technology to memory and processors, our engineers develop fully automated production processes for the telecommunications, information processing, medical and industrial manufacturing sectors, among others.
Our solutions can withstand extreme environments such as cryogenic temperatures, ultra-high vacuums and magnetic fields.

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