Precision engineering competencies at the highest level are required in order to manufacture key structural elements for complex micro systems. IMSTec does own these competencies – leading to efficient, qualitative solutions. We develop innovative, automated process hard- and software technology in order to meet the highest standards – also for integration into existing production lines. We accompany our customers from the very start of the product development through the entire validation life-cycle – in parallel the corresponding manufacturing process is designed and implemented.
The development of a high-quality, accurate production line follows the IMSTec project phase approach:

  • Requirement and Risk Analysis
  • Conceptual Design and Development Work
  • Feasibility Study
  • Development and Implementation of the system according to QA life-cycle (V-model)

More information about our products and services:

We bring the right “touch” to the manufacturing process – sensitivity and accuracy that is required to accomplish processes for even the smallest parts such as handling, welding, coating, inspection and assembly.
Special development know-how enables us to implement even complex manufacturing requirements. In parallel to supporting customer product development, optimized production solutions are designed and implemented also for clean room applications. By connecting the manufacturing systems to MES applications, complete traceability – even for single parts – is established.