In 2005 IMSTec started development and build of automated manufacturing solutions for the medical & pharmaceutical industry as well as for micro systems – in close, strategic partnership with IBM. High level engineering and process development know-how enabled us to provide customized solutions in critical production areas not yet covered by “off-the-shelf” type of solutions.

In 2007, IMSTec received the prestigious “Innovation Award Rhineland-Palatinate” for its fully automated stent inspection system.

Another breakthrough in automation technology was achieved in 2008 by developing a high-speed inspection and measurement system for power electronics base plates.

In 2009 a measurement and inspection system for balloon catheter products followed.

IMSTec’s innovative technology jumps were awarded in 2010 when we received the prize “Hidden Champion in Mainz” for unique solutions in the field of medical device coating, single-part traceability and quality assurance.

Last – but not least - in 2012 we received the technology award of the Ministry of Economics of Rhineland-Palatinate and the ISB for development of an intelligent in-line process control.

By working with our various customers we learned a lot about all different kind of requirements in the medical & pharmaceutical industry as well as for micro systems in general. IMSTec is dedicated to continue its path of continuous development.